Saturday, August 30, 2014

Channel 292 / OHR (Offshore Radio History)

Channel 292 / OHR (Offshore Radio History)*, transmitting from Rohrbach, Germany, commemorated the 40th anniversary of Radio North Sea International's final transmission with a special re-broadcast on 30 August 2014. The last four broadcast hours of this historic broadcast was featured. In the first hour, from 17.55 to 19.00 UTC, veteran DJ "Daffy Don Allen" recalled his tenure with Radio North Sea, Radio Caroline and Manx Radio. He chatted about Louise Quirk who hosted "Skyline"  and presented an advertisement for Nobel Park Hotel in Zurich. He inserted "Hank's" goofy...maniac laughter between pop songs of the era, including Andy Williams - "Speak Softly", The Hollies - "Magic Woman Touch",  The Roaring Sixties - "We Love the Pirates", Peters & Lee - "Don't Stay Away Too Long", Susan Raye - "I've Got A Happy Heart", Ray Stevens -  "The Streak", Labi Siffre - "Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying", and Jim Reeves - "Adios". Broadcast continued with the last three hours of RNI.

Interestingly, while scanning the dial I noticed at least three short-wave pirates  relayed this special OHR broadcast of Radio North Sea International over their respective transmitters on the same day.

Reception on 6.070 kHz was (SINPO) 55444 -- good to excellent signal strength, slight atmospheric noise at times. Otherwise it was a decent signal for some great listening!!! Enjoyed the show, but too early in the morning in Malaysia (after 03.00 am) to listen to the entire show.

Reception report was emailed to Channel 292 the following day. The above eQSL arrived on 4 November 2014.



 *Logged using remote SRD receiver at University of Twente, the Netherlands.

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