Thursday, June 30, 2022

QSL Cards for June 2022

Reach Beyond Australia. Kununurra, Western Australia.

VORW Radio International. Moosbrunn, Austria.

Radio Taiwan International. Tamsui, Taiwan.

Voice of Turkiye. Emirler, Turkiye. 

Atlantic 2000 International via Channel 292*. Rohrbach, Germany.


RX: Alinco DX-R8T EXT ANT: 1/4 wave QTH: Malaysia*Remote RX:  University of Twente SDR  ANT: mini whip QTH: Enschede, Netherlands monitored on the internet from Malaysia

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

VORW Radio International (via Moosbrunn)

VORW Radio International, transmitting from Moosbrunn, Austria, was logged on 24 June 2022, from 16.00 till 17.00 UTC. Music requests from listeners and tips on how to to cope "bad news" was presented by John, the programme host. Reception on 9.670 kHz initially rated a SINPO of 44333 with a good signal but station scatter from a stronger station on an adjacent frequency, moderate fading and atmospheric noise. To improve reception, I switched from a passive loop to a 1/4 wave antenna, then set the receiver in 'narrow' IF shift mode. By 16.20 UTC reception steadily improved to a SINPO of 55444. HERE's how VORW (Moosbrunn) sounded near the end of their broadcast. 

Reception report was emailed the following day. An eQsl card arrived on 30 June 2022.

RX: Alinco DX-R8T EXT ANT: 1/4 wave  QTH: Central West Malaysia

Monday, June 27, 2022

Reach Beyond Australia (via Kununurra)


Reach Beyond Australia, transmitting from  Kununurra, Western Australia, was logged on 22 June 2022. An English language broadcast of  "Back to the Bible" was monitored from 13.20 till 13.30 UTC. Reception on  9.610 kHz rated a SINPO of 55555 -- strong, clear audio, no fading, no interference -- excellent! HERE is Reach Beyond Australia.

Reception report was emailed the following day. An eQsl card arrived on 28 June 2022.

RX: Alinco DX-R8T EXT ANT: 1/4 wave  QTH: Central West Malaysia

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Polish Radio Katowice (Polskie Radia Katowice) 90th Anniversary Postal Card

POCZTA POLSKA in 2017 issued a 90th anniversary postcard of Polish Radio Katowice (Polskie Radio Katowice). Shown here is the stamp affixed to their postcard.

Polish Radio Katowice is the largest regional station of Polish Radio. It was created in 1927. High technology and 90 years of tradition, Radio Katowice remains the biggest regional radio station in Poland. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day millions of listeners in the whole Upper Silesia region can be tuned in to Radio Katowice. We also can be heard in parts of Central, Eastern and Western Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Atlantic 2000 International via Channel 292* (Rohrbach, Germany)

Atlantic 2000 International via Channel 292*, transmitting from Rohrbach, Germany, was logged on 11 June 2022. This 40th anniversary broadcast of English and French pop songs was monitored from 08.08 till 09.00 UTC. Tracks included "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police,  "Ebony & Ivory" by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder,  "Too Much Heaven" by The Bee Gees,  "Lost in the Light" by The Bahama,  "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison. Reception on 6.070 kHz rated a SINPO of 45333 -- fair signal strength despite moderate atmospheric noise when signal faded.

Reception report was submitted on the same day. An eQSL was received on 17 June 2022.
*Remote RX:  University of Twente SDR  ANT: mini whip QTH: Enschede, Netherlands monitored on the internet from Malaysia

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Czechoslovakia Post 10th Anniversary of National Television & Broadcasting

CZECHOSLOVAKIA POST on 25 April 1963 issued two first day cover stamps to commemorate the 10th anniversary of national television and broadcasting in Czechoslovakia. Cancellation postmark originated from Prague,

Monday, June 13, 2022

Deutsche Post 15th Anniversary of Radio Berlin International & 25th Anniversary of German Radio Broadcasting

DEUTSCHE POST (DDR) on 13 May 1970 issued two stamps commemorating the 15th anniversary of Radio Berlin International, 10 pfennig denomination, and the 25th anniversary of the Deutsches Democratischer Republik radio broadcasting, 15 pfennig denomination. A total of 3,000,000 stamps, for each design, was printed using an offset printing method. Manfred Gottschall designed the stamps. Postmark cancellation originated from East Berlin.

Nippon Post 25th Anniversary Stamp of Radio Japan

NIPPON POST on 1 June 1960 issued a 10 yen stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of Radio Japan. A total of 8,000,000 stamps were printed. It was red in colour with radio waves encircling a globe. Postmark cancellation  originated from Tokyo. The cachet on this envelope depicts a microphone and their radio transmission coverage around the world. That said, alternative cachets for the same FDC were printed.

Friday, June 10, 2022

La Poste de Côte d'Ivoire Tabou Radio Station


La Poste de Côte d'Ivoire on 9 March 1968 issued a first day cover stamp marking the 55th Anniversary of the Tabou Radio Station.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Radio Taiwan International (via Tamsui)

Radio Taiwan International, transmitting from Tamsui, Taiwan, was logged on 9 May 2022. English language broadcast of news, regular programmes "Here in Taiwan" and "Jukebox Republic", was observed from 16.00 to 17.00 UTC. Reception on 9.405  kHz rated a SINPO of 44454 -- strong signal, clear audio, despite minor atmospheric noise in the background.

Reception report was submitted the following day. QSL card arrived in the mail on 9 June 2022.

RX: Alinco DX-R8T EXT ANT: 1/4 wave QTH: Malaysia

50th Anniversary of Radio in Finland

POSTI GROUP OYJ (Finland) 9 September 1976 issued a commemorative stamp marking the 50th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Finland.  This multicoloured stamp carried a currency denomination of 0,80 mk. A total of 4,000,000  stamps were printed. Perforation was 12 3/4 x 13.


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

An Post 50th Anniversary Stamps of Broadcasting in Ireland


AN POST on 5 October 1976 issued two stamps to mark the 50th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Ireland: one with radio waves and another depicting a radio tower,  waves and globe.

The scholar-poet Dr. Douglas Hyde, who later became the first President of Ireland, inaugurated the State-controlled service on 1st January, 1926. The first studio was in Dublin and the station was named Dublin 2 RN. Shortly afterwards Cork acquired a studio, identified as 6CK. Early Irish broadcasters proved remarkably imaginative in the  use of the medium. They  helped to develop broadcast drama as a genuine art form and they were among the first to use radio for the live coverage of  sport.

In 1932 a high-power transmitter (strength 60 kw, soon increased to 100 kw.) was opened near Athlone in the centre of Ireland. The service became known at home and abroad as Radio Eireann­ Radio of Ireland-and its possibilities could now be fully exploited. The post-war years saw the formation of important professional groups within the  broadcasting service, such as the Radio Eireann Players, the Radio Eireann Singers and the Radio Eireann  Symphony Orchestra.

A television service was opened in 1961 and the State handed over control of broadcasting to a cor­poration, now called Radio Telefis Eireann, established by act of parliament. RTE radio continued to develop. A VHF (FM) network was built, stereo broadcasts became common and a subsidiary service in the Irish language (Radio na Gaeltachta) was set up with headquarters in the West of Ireland. A powerful new transmitter (strength 500 kw) was brought into use in 1975. Irish broadcasts could be heard in Britain and many parts of Europe on 530 metres (566 kilo Hertz).

The ultra-modern studio complex at the outskirts of Dublin appropriately incorporates the house which was the family home of Annie Jameson, mother of Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of radio broadcasting. RTE radio has won many international prizes, including the prestigeous Prix Italia in 1961 and 1965. The service was an active member of the European Broadcasting Union.

The stamps were designed  by RTE graphic artists, Graham  Shepherd and Al  O'Donnell,  and  the first day cover, featuring an illustration  of a woman  using  a crystal  radio set of the  1920's, was designed by RTE graphic artist Jan Mitchell.

Voice of Turkiye

Voice of Turkiye, transmitting from  Emirler, Turkiye, was logged on  9 May 2022. A Dari/Pashto language broadcast of news, "Turkiye Tourism" and Turkish music was monitored from 16.00 till 16.25 UTC. Reception on  11.765 kHz rated a SINPO of  55555 -- excellent.

Reception report was submitted on the following day. QSL card arrived in the mail on 1 June 2022.

RX: Alinco DX-R8T EXT ANT: 1/4 wave QTH: Malaysia

RTI Calendar -- June 2022

 Radio Taiwan International calendar for June 2022