Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran (via Kamalabad)

Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, transmitting with 500 kW from their Kamalabad site (in Semnan Province - northeast of Tehran), was logged with relative ease on 4 March 2014, here in the Kuala Lumpur area. Between 15.35 and 16.17 UTC (broadcast time 15.30 to 16.17 UTC), VOIRI presented  "News Magazine", a programme that featured their analysis on events in Ukraine and Crimea, Israeli-Palestinian inaction to reach a peace deal, the UN Secretary General's request to send UN troops to Central Africa, Israeli air strikes on Hezbollah in Lebanon and renewable energy (wind, water and sun power) in Spain and possible government/corporate exploitation. Transmission closed abruptly during a surprisingly excellent and in-depth report on renewable energy. As I mentioned above, reception was superb  with a (SINPO) of 55555 on the short-wave frequency of 15.525 kHz.

Although I have QSLed VOIRI numerous times in the past, I nevertheless emailed another reception report shortly after their broadcast, hoping to receive a QSL from their new series. A few days later an email from VOIRI promised a QSL card. It was announced on their mailbag programme it would also be sent. On 4 June 2014, their QSL card arrived in the mail.


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