Sunday, March 23, 2014

Radio Sana'a

Radio Sana'a (Yemen Radio & Television Corporation), transmitting from Sana'a, was logged on 24 March 2014. An English language broadcast (between 18.30 to 19.00 UTC) of  indistinguishable talking and music was shrouded much of the time in jamming from 18.40 till 18.57 UTC. In the closing minutes up until 19.00 UTC, brief filler music, a male announcer and interval tune (signature Radio Sana flute music) was detected. Reception on 6.135 kHz at 18.40 UTC was (SINPO) 22332 due to persistent jamming presumably from DPRK (North Korea). At 18.57 UTC jamming ceased, allowing faint reception of station interval -- the only identifiable mark confirming Radio Sana'a -- was heard with a SINPO of 24332.
Despite the horrible reception and limited programme details, which remained unchanged after a week of monitoring, a report was subsequently mailed and submitted on-line to Radio Sana'a. Time will tell whether I shall be as fortunate as the DXers who have recently received QSL cards. I received an email on 5 May 2014 promising to send a QSL card.


Postal Address:
Republic of Yemen Radio
Technical Department
26 September Street
P.O. Box 2371
Republic of Yemen

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