Monday, March 10, 2014

Radio Ibrahim / IBRA (via Woofferton)

IBRA (International Broadcasting Association) is a Christian media mission organisation associated with the Pentecostal churches of Scandinavia. Over the years, the radio ministry has grown tremendously, and today IBRA ministers are located in over a hundred countries and communicate in more than 100 different languages. More than half of the world's population has the ability to listen and watch IBRA's broadcasts.

IBRA's vision is to reach all the unreached peoples of the world whose only hope of hearing the Gospel is through mass media. Within the framework of "World by Radio", IBRA cooperates with several other major world-wide Christian radio organizations so that all nations, peoples and tribes will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a language they can understand. 

And, indeed they do. The following log entry was for an IBRA broadcast in the African dialect Sara Ngambai. 

Radio Ibrahim / IBRA, transmitting from famed relay site in Woofferton, UK, was logged on 10 March 2014. A 15 minute broadcast in Sara Ngambai from 19.30 to 19.45 UTC featured African music and a dialogue/news report between two gentleman. Reception on 9.635 kHz was (SINPO) 44544 -- good signal strength with some minor QRM and fading flutter, otherwise clear and discernible speech was noted.

A reception report was emailed to IBRA in Sweden on the following day. Hopefully as beofre, just recently, a letter of verification will be forthcoming.

Post Box Address:
IBRA Media
Box 15144
167 15 Bromma, Sweden

Street Address:
IBRA Media
Gustavslundsvägen 18
167 15 Bromma, Sweden

(+46) 08-608 96 80


Source: IBRA website --

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