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Special PCJ Radio International 12 March 2014

Special PCJ Radio International on 12 March  2014
 PCJ Radio International will be celebrating their 5th Anniversary of The Happy Station Show. A special broadcast will air on 12 March 2014. This is a very important day for PCJ Radio International. It was on this date that after an absence of 14 years The Happy Station Show returned to the airwaves. A few months after that happened PCJ added other programmes to their schedule.

For the 5 year anniversary PCJ Radio International will present a special programme looking back at the past 5 years and revisit some of the fun moments over the last 1,825 days.

It should be mentioned that this is not a Happy Station Show. But rather a special anniversary programme.

Times & Frequencies:
North America - 0130 to 0230 UTC on 7.730 kHz
Asia - 1330 to 1430 UTC on 9.335 kHz
Europe - 1330 to 1430 UTC on 5.995 kHz
Europe - 1330 to 1430 UTC on 15.455 kHz

If you would like to send PCJ Radio International a recorded message to use in the show, please contact Keith Perron no later than March 7, 2014. Include your phone number and he can call you back. Alternatively you can send him an MP3 file up to 2 minutes. The email address is

PCJ Radio (PCJ) International is a private international radio station and syndicate founded in 2008. The station is based in Taipei, and they produce and transmit programmes for local and international audiences. PCJ has also distributed content via web technology since 2009. The station is owned by Canadian-born announcer and producer Keith Perron.

The Happy Station Show is the world's longest-running international radio programme, having originated in 1928 on shortwave radio. Its run has been interrupted twice - from 1940 until 1946 due to World War II and again from 1995 when it was cancelled until its revival in 2009.

If you've not heard PCJ Radio International, now's the time to tune in!

Archived PCJ Radio International broadcasts may be downloaded at this LINK.

Source: Wikipedia and PCJ Media

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  1. Keith is still involved with PCJ Radio. One might check WRMI schedule. Or, PCJ Radio website for programme downloads.