Tuesday, April 19, 2016

WTWW (Lebanon, TN)

WTWW in Lebanon, Tennessee (USA) was logged on 19 April 2016. From 18.00 till 18.15 UTC, "Scriptures For America" featured a sermon on evolution, along with a testimonial from a listener promoting WTWW. Reception on 9.475 kHz was (SINPO) 34443 - fair signal strength, slight QRM splatter, clear audio. Signal dropped off abruptly and ended at 18.15 UTC. Interestingly, WTWW rarely reaches Malaysia as well as it did last night.

Reception report of this transmission was emailed on 20 April 2016. Back in 2012,  President and Manager of WTWW, Mr. George McClintock, sent an eQSL. It's not often WTWW is received this well in Malaysia, so I had to fire off a reception report.  Hopefully a QSL card and new design is available. Yes, on both accounts -- I received a paper QSL with a new design on 9 May 2016.



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