Friday, April 15, 2016

All India Radio Cuttack (Akashvani Cuttack)

All India Radio Cuttack (Akashvani Cuttack) in Odisha was logged on 15 April 2016. Radio drama, devotional/traditional music and news was monitored from 16.35 till 17.35 UTC (10.05 pm till 11.05 pm, Cuttack time). Reception on medium-wave frequency of 972 kHz was  (SINPO) 33423 -- weak to fair signal, depending on duration of fading (which lasted from 8 to 10 minutes). A droning noise, possibly from transmitter, or heterodyning from a co-frequency station was observed. Before 17.00 UTC, signal mixed with Thai and Indonesian stations. When signal was at its peak, audio was clear.

Reception report along with audio files was emailed to AIR Cuttack and Spectrum Management the following day. A letter to Spectrum Management was posted in subsequent days. QSL card, combined with verification for AIR Leh, arrived in the mail on 18 November 2016.


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