Sunday, April 10, 2016

China Radio International (via Xian and Jinhua)

China Radio International, transmitting from Xian and Jinhua, were logged on 10 April 2016. Japanese language programming was monitored from 14.45 till 15.00 UTC (broadcast time 14.00 till 15.00 UTC) on 7.395 kHz (Xian) and from 15.00 till 15.30 UTC (broadcast time 15.00 till 16.00 UTC) on 7.410 kHz (Jinhua).  Reception from Xian was (SINPO) 34443 -- fair signal strength, slight utility station QRM, clear audio; from Jinhua reception was 54454 -- excellent signal strength, slight noise, clear audio.

Reception report was emailed to the Japanese Service of CRI on the same day. I did this primarily because the QSL cards from CRI Japanese are more interesting visually; secondly,the English and Esperanto Services presently will only verify by email. They've stopped issuing QSL cards due to lack of funding. QSL arrived on 13 May 2016.

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