Sunday, April 10, 2016

Radio Canada International* (via Kall-Krekel)

Radio Canada International is back on shortwave, not from Canada, but Germany. RCI has contracted with ShortwaveService (Germany), the technical team responsible for maintaining and operating the transmitters for Radio 700. RCI programming airs over Radio 700 in Kall-Krekel (Germany) on Saturdays: English from 14.00 till 14.30 UTC on 7.310 kHz; French from 14.30 till 15.30 UTC on 6.005 kHz. Short-wave reception from these 1 kW  transmitters is best heard on the continent of Europe. Additionally, broadcasts may be received by remote SDR receivers or Internet streaming at Radio 700's website.

Radio Canada International* via Radio 700 was heard on 9 April 2016, from 14.30 till 14.47 UTC. "Tam-Tam Canada", the French language service of RCI, featured a variety of current event reports, presented by Maryse Jobin Yvon, Anne-Marie and Stéphane Parent. Oddly the French service ended at 14.47 UTC, not 15.30 UTC as reported. Radio 700's programming followed with a selection of "schlager" tunes. "The Link", the English language service hosted by Mark Montgomery, aired apparently earlier at 14.00 UTC. 

Reception on 6.005 kHz was (SINPO) 55545 -- excellent signal strength, good audio quality,  slight and occasional fading, no QRM and QRN.

Reception report with audio file was emailed on the same day to RCI and online to ShortwaveService. Not sure whether RCI will QSL, but it's certainly worth a try. In any event it's wonderful to hear Radio Canada International back on short-wave!!!



*Transmission was received using SDR web-receiver in The Netherlands (Twente)

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