Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Flying Rock Circus* via Channel 292

The Flying Rock Circus* via Channel 292 was received on 25 March 2016, from 13.00 till 13.30 UTC. DJ  played an eclectic mix of old R&B, rock, progressive rock and blues from the Sixties and Seventies,  including Derek & The Dominos - "Layla", Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well (Parts 1 &2), Rory Gallagher - "Moon Child", Kiss - "Crazy Nights", "The Underground", ZZ Top - "Le Grange", Steve Hillage - "Not Fade Away".

Reception on 6.070 kHz was (SINPO) 55545 -- excellent signal strength, audio quality, with slight and occasional fading, no QRN and no QRM. HERE's how The Flying Rock Circus sounded from The Netherlands. 

Reception report was emailed on the same day. An email verification arrived on 17 April 2016. Thank you, Bob and Noelle!

*Transmission was received using SDR web-receiver in The Netherlands (Twente)

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