Saturday, April 30, 2016

All India Radio Indore

All India Radio Indore (Akashvani Indore) in Madhya Pradesh, was logged on 29 April 2016, on the medium-wave frequency of 648 kHz. From 17.05 till 17.45 UTC (11.35 pm till 12.05 am, India time), classical Indian flute music, followed by news in English was heard. Initially I took the station to be Radio Nepal (in Dharan), but realised when the news was presented the format was consistent with the programming of All India Radio.

Reception was (SINPO) 25332 -- poor to weak signal strength, occasionally clear and audible speech, with short periods of fading (every two to three minutes) and static bursts (due to an electrical storm in my region). Subsequent days, reception remained poor to weak using a Degen DE-1102 and Sangean ATS-909 with only the internal ferrite rod antenna.

Reception report along with an audio file was emailed to AIR Indore and Spectrum Management. As with all AIR reception reports, it was followed up with a letter to Spectrum Management. QSL card confirming both AIR Indore and AIR Jabalpur was received on 2 June 2016.

Photo from Facebook page of AIR Indore

Postal Address:
Spectrum Management & Synergy,
Directorate General, Room No. 204,
All India Radio,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi 110001, India 

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