Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Voice of Korea

Voice of Korea via Kujang (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) transmitter site was received on 5 April 2016. A French language broadcast of news, commentary about American policy on nuclear weapons in DPRK and  patriotic martial and light vocal/instrumental  music was heard from 12.00 till 12.25 UTC (broadcast time 11.30 till 12.30 UTC). Reception on 11.735 kHz was (SINPO) 54544 -- excellent signal strength and clear audio, despite slight transmitter droning noise and occasional fading.

Reception report was submitted to Voice of Korea on the following day. QSL card, "The Pyongyang Times" and contest form arrived in the mail on 2 September 2016.


  1. How did you contact them? Tried to email them but it bounced back with an error.