Tuesday, April 12, 2016

QSL in the Mailbox: AWR Guam

For two straight days now I have received a QSL card. I only mention this because it is often days, even weeks before anything arrives in the mailbox. Be that as it may, a QSL from Adventist World Radio - KSDA ended up in the letterbox today. Normally I wouldn't bother to highlight it. After all, I have so many verification from AWR - Guam. This one, however, is rather unique. The reception report for this transmission was emailed to WaveScan, JSWC and KSDA. The latter responded with the QSL shown below. Interestingly, it was posted not from Guam, not Japan and not the US, but rather Thailand. Note the Thai postage affixed to it. I would imagine the QSL manager for AWR Asia is based there. In any case, I think it's pretty special!

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