Tuesday, December 1, 2015

China Radio International (via Jinhua)

China Radio International, transmitting from Jinhua in the central Zhejiang province of eastern China,  was logged on 30 November 2015. A Japanese language of broadcast Chinese pop music and current event reports was monitored from  22.30 till 22.57 UTC (broadcast time 22.00 till 22.57 UTC). Reception 7.440 kHz was (SINPO) 45444 - excellent signal strength and audio clarity, despite minor interference and slight fading.

Reception report was submitted in English and Japanese on the following day. 0n 1 December 2015, Ying Lian for CRI English Service prosed QSL, stating: "Thank you for your reception report of CRI Japanese program, we will send a QSL card".QSL card from English Section arrived on 31 December 2015. QSL from Japanese Section arrived in the mail on 5 Janaury 2016. Chinese papercuts were also enclosed.

nihao2180@cri.com.cn (Japanese)
yinglian@cri.com.cn (English)

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  1. Hi, I have a question. When you email your reception reports, do you feel it's necessary to always *politely* request a QSL, and always include your address? Because every time I email a reception report, I always request a QSL and always include my address. Do they keep your address on file once you have already sent them a report? Thanks.