Saturday, April 18, 2015

Voice of Turkey

Voice of Turkey, broadcasting from the 500 kW Emirler transmitter site, was heard on 18 April 2015.

An English language broadcast from 16.30 till 17.26 UTC featured: world and regional news; Turkish press review including a report on the Anzac WWI anniversary of the Battle of Golippoli (or the Battle of Çanakkale); a biographical programme focusing on the Prophet Muhammad (saw); an economic programme entitled "Turkey Rising Out of the Crisis"; a programme on "Eco-friendly Tips" highlighting environmental law; a programme called "Today in History"; then a regular Voice of Turkey programme "Question of the Month"; followed by Turkish pop music.

Fortunately reception on the short-wave frequency of 15.520 kHz was nearly flawless with a (SINPO) of 55545 -- excellent on all accounts, except for slight and occasional fading.

Reception report was emailed shortly after 19 April 2015. QSL card arrived on 19 May 2015.

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