Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) / Kochirawa HCJB

Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) or "Kochirawa HCJB”, transmitting from Kununurra, Australia, was received on  18 April 2015, here in Malaysia. This Japanese language broadcast  featured a solo commentary (Mailbag programme) from a male announcer. Just before announcing station ID and contact details, a short music excerpt from Leroy Anderson's "Syncopated Typewriter" was heard. This was followed by an English announcement of a rebroadcast of the Japanese programme later in the evening. Transmission was monitored from 22.45 till 23.00 UTC (broadcast time 22.30 till 23.00 UTC).

Reception on 17.760 kHz was (SINPO) 35443 -- fair to good strength, some atmospheric noise with occasional fading, otherwise clear and audible signal

Reception report was emailed to Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) on 19 April 2015. Shelly Martin at Reach Beyond Australia replied with a nice note and eQSL on 20 April 2015. QSL card from Kazuo Ozaki arrived in the mail on 1 September 2015.

Kazuo Ozaki, the producer for Yodobashi Church - HCJB Japanese Radio, replied promptly to my reception report, saying: "Thank you for your reception report for the Japanese program. It is very enraging to know that the  reception in Mayaysia is very good.

"The content of the program was the monthly "Mail Bag" program which we read the letters from our listeners.

"I am a producer of the program living in Arizona, USA.  The programs go on the air from Austraia and your reception report should be sent to Yodobashi Church in Tokyo, Japan. Isn't it confusing?  Anyway,  I will forward your report to Tokyo office.  From now on please send you reception report directly to  Yodobashi Church in Tokyo, JAPAN.  Address is as follows:

"Yodobashi Church

 HCJB Japanese Radio
1-17-8 Hyakunin Cho
Shinjyuku Ku, Tokyo  JAPAN 169-0073

169-0073 東京都新宿区百人町1-17-8
     淀橋教会 HCJB日本語放送係

"Please write us again soon and let us know more about yourself and your work and how do you get interested in listening to Japanese shortwave broadcastings in your country.  May God bless you!"



  1. Hi, Timm, I enjoy your blog a lot and has been a major influence to me.

    I wonder if you've received an email from HCJB Australia. Their further email to send reception reports is :

    Thanks and 73!

  2. Yes, Kristian, I did receive the new email address. Thank you.

    To receive a Japanese QSL from Yodobashi Church go to this link: