Monday, April 20, 2015

Pop Radio Ostfriesland*

Pop Radio Ostfriesland*, broadcasting via Channel 292 from Ingolstadt, Germany, was logged on 19 April 2015. Non-stop Jim Croce songs, including "Workin' at the Car Wash Blues", "Careful Man", "Alabama Rain", "A Good Time Man Like Me Ain't Got No Business (Singing The Blues)", "Don't Mess Around with Jim", "Next Time, This Time" and other notable Croce tunes, was heard. This followed with station ID in German and Bette Midler performing "Wind Beneath My Wings". Broadcast was monitored from 15.00 till 16.30 UTC. Reception on 6.070 kHz was (SINPO) 55545 -- good signal strength and audio quality with very slight fade

Reception report was submitted on-line at Pop Radio Ostfriesland on the same day. A message and eQSL was received on 21 April 2015. Danke, Jann Meitzer!


*Logged using remote SDR receiver at the University of Twente (The Netherlands)

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