Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LRA36 - Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel 2015

LRA36 - Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, transmitting with 10 kW  from  Base Esperanza, Antártida Argentina, was logged on 14  April 2015. Frequent station IDs ("Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel") between Spanish language music and commentary about children (presented by a female announcer) was monitored from 20.00 till 20.35 UTC.

NOTE: Transmission was logged from two locations -- the Netherlands and Malaysia. Reception on 15.476 kHz from the Netherlands (Twente SDR receiver) was SINPO 24332 -- weak to fair, clear and audible signal with occasional fading. In Malaysia, LRA36 was barely audible and only faint music was observed. Signal was terribly weak with lengthy and occasional fading, and it was detected only in LSB mode.  Overall SINPO rated a paltry 14321, using a Tecsun S-2000 linked to an external 1/4 wave aerial, elevated 13 meters above ground. 

Reception report was written in Spanish and emailed to Base Esperanza on 14 April 2015. This eQSL arrived on 15 April 2015. Muchas gracias, Sarg 1. Sergio Alejandro Lucero y Tcnl. Fernando Gabriel Estévez.


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