Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in Lusaka was received 22 February 2014. African (Zambian) pop music and listener phone-in discussion with snippets of drums and vocals between calls was monitored from 20.45 to 21.30 UTC. Great music from Zambia, by the way! This particular ZNBC broadcast in vernacular dialect  was received on 5.915 kHz. Reception for much the broadcast was weak to fair. Speech and music was clearly audible, despite fading and atmospheric noise. Essentially (SINPO) was 24322. 

Samples of this transmission may be heard HERE (at 20.46 UTC) and HERE (at 20.56 UTC).

Reception report was submitted at their FaceBook page and emailed a few days later. On 24 February 2014 I received this message from ZNBC: "Thank you for the reception report on ZNBC. I have forwarded the same to the responsible officer as I no longer handle reception reports. Kind regards."


Website (defunct link)

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