Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Radio Riyadh (Urdu and Bengali Service)

Radio Riyadh in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was logged on 5 February 2014. Their Urdu language service was monitored from 12.00 to 13.05 UTC (broadcast time 12.00 to 14.57 UTC). Quran recital, discussion about Pakistani professionals in Saudi Arabia, business news, azan and Islamic topics were observed in over an hour. Reception on 13.775 kHz was (SINPO) 45343 -- strong carrier but under modulated audio feed, slight fading and atmospheric noise.

Reception report was submitted to their Urdu department on the same day, although I am highly doubtful I will get a reply. It has been reported Radio Riyadh does not QSL, nor have they for some years. 

Surprisingly a day later (6 February) I received a FaceBook message from Radio Riyadh's Urdu department. Based on a Google translation of Urdu to English the respondent acknowledged my reception report, saying:
 اس نشریات کی رپورٹ پر آپ کے مشکور ہیں ۔ مزید رپورٹ ارسال کریں (Thank you for the broadcast report. Furthermore send report). My first response ever from Radio Riyadh, although an inconclusive verification.

Radio Riyadh, Bengali service, was logged on 26 February 2014. Islamic programming, Arabic/Islamic music and regional news was monitored from 13.55 to 14.45 UTC (sign-off is 14.57 UTC). Reception on 15.120 kHz throughout the broadcast was (SINPO) 55455 -- excellent reception on all accounts, despite slight atmospheric noise.

Reception report was messaged on their FaceBook page and emailed to Radio Riyadh shortly after the broadcast. Surprisingly on 27 February 2014, I received this email from the Bengali department of Radio Riyadh: "Salam. Thank you very much for sending the reception report. We are very glad to receive your nice reception report. We cannot send QSL card (sorry) to say. Sincere(ly) I believe it (they) should be recepting (receiving) again." I guess this acknowledgement is at least a partial QSL.


  1. Hi, are you still hearing this service? It is listed on 13775 khz, but I cannot hear it.

  2. No, I've not listened to their broadcast since this posting. However, a current Internet search shows time and frequency is still valid,