Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vintage QSL card from Radio Malaysia

Recently while rummaging through old photos, postcards and documents I discovered a vintage QSL card issued by Radio Malaysia.  It was one of the few QSLs I brought with me from the US when I moved to Malaysia over 25 years ago. Why did I bring it? Simple. It symbolized my first contact with the country that would soon become my new home.

The card appears to have first been printed in 1973, judging by the smaller date printed at the bottom of the card. It was one of the few folded cards I received in my DXing years from 1967 to 1980. It features three sections, folded twice and printed on both sides. The Angkasapuri studio in Kuala Lumpur, map and flag of Malaysia, caption about the country, transmitter sites and frequencies and verification data is depicted on it.

This particular card was issued for a reception report I posted on 22 November 1975, nearly 40 years ago. Unbeknownst to me then I had picked up Radio Malaysia via Penang, according to the frequency legend (4.985 kHz) stated on the card. I assumed it was Kuala Lumpur and, more importantly, I was excited to have logged a new country to my growing list of international broadcasters.

At the time I lived in Northglenn, Colorado -- a suburb north of Denver. As I recall Radio Malaysia was usually received in the early morning hours between 5 and 8 am. Reception was always weak, yet music and speech was audible despite atmospheric noise.

The receiver I used was a Zenith Trans-Oceanic H-500, a 5 valve/tube radio originally manufactured in the early 1950s. The antenna was an inverted L, elevated at over 30 feet, spanning approximately 75 feet in length.

To see more vintage QSL cards from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) click HERE.

RTM Angkasapuri when I arrived in Malaysia in 1987

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