Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PBS Xizang (Lhasa-Baiding)

PBS Xizang QSL issued by CRI
PBS Xizang, transmitting from Lhasa-Baiding (Tibet), was logged on 25 February 2014. A Country & Western style song in Chinese, frequent station promotions/advertisements, current event and news magazine programming was observed from 23.25 to 00.00 UTC. At 00.00 UTC, China National Radio 1 (Lhasa-Baiding) switched over and continued transmission on 5.935 kHz. Reception at 23.25 UTC was (SINPO) 35443 -- fair signal with good audio clarity despite mild fading. Signal gradually weakened and faded off by 00.15 UTC as grey-line between Tibet and Malaysia diminished.

Reception report was submitted to China Radio International (Ying Lian), owing to previous attempts to obtain a QSL from several PBS and CNR affiliates. Since all are State owned and operated, CRI et al essentially answer to the same government broadcasting body. Suffice it to say, CRI dutifully verified a few hours after emailing the reception report.
Reverse side of CRI/PBS Xizang QSL

Ying Lian, English Service, China Radio International, relied with this confirmation: "Thank you for your greetings and reception report of PBS Xizang, we will send you a QSL card. Your report on our English programme and writings will be welcome". True to their world, CRI posted a QSL card which I received, along with paper cuttings of fish and horses (Year of the Horse), on 17 March 2014.

This is definitely not a direct QSL, but it is probably the surest way to receive confirmation for CNR and PBS stations, at least CRI has been a reliable source for me in the past few years. CRI issues the QSL on their own card, stating PBS or CNR station and location on the back of the card.

PBS Sichuan via CRI
CNR Lingshi via CRI

If you're looking for the real deal, don't be discouraged on my account. By all means, please try to QSL through CNR and PBS. While you're at it, fire off a reception report to Ying Lian at CRI.


Paper cuttings

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  1. Sending reports to CRI for the other stations is a wonderful idea. They are very accommodating! It might be a good idea to send a report or two for the regular CRI broadcasts as well.