Sunday, February 9, 2014

Radio Africa via WRMI (Okeechobee)

Radio Africa, using the WRMI transmitter site in Okeechobee, Florida (USA), was received on 9 February 2014. An English language sermon and Evangelical music was observed from 21.45 to 22.15 UTC (broadcast time 21.00 to 23.00 UTC). Since interference from Radio Africa in Equatorial Guinea was previously reported, PanAmerican broadcasting apparently has pulled this time slot in Africa, allowing WRMI to be heard more clearly.  Reception on 15.190 kHz at 21.45 UTC was (SINPO) 24432 - weak but audible speech/music. By 22.10 UTC carrier signal was present but barely audible. Just before sign-off only a faint carrier was detected.

Reception reports were submitted to both WRMI and PanAmerican-Radio  on the following day. QSL card from PanAmerican Radio arrived in the mail before the end of the month, on 24 February 2014 -- 2 weeks! WRMI verified 2 months later on 17 April 2014; Jeff White and staff must be "swamped" with reception reports. Thankfully he posted this one, and a different design than the ones issued for previous reports. Kudos to Jeff and staff!

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