Monday, May 6, 2013

UPDATE!!! Voice of Pujiang (Shanghai) Shortwave Service Ceases

VOICE OF PUJIANG SHORTWAVE  SERVICE ENDED 1 MAY. See the following email from Victor Qian:

Dear Friends of Voice of Pujiang,

As many monitors noted, Voice of Pujiang has already closed all its shortwave service since 2 May 2013. That means 1 May was the last day for Voice of Pujiang on the shortwave bands. 

In recent years, Voice of Pujiang had already transformed into a local station, focusing solely on its Taiwanese audience. We still broadcast 18 hours daily on AM1422. So,  Medium wave DXers are still welcomed to submit their reception reports.

Best wishes!
Victor Qian
China Business News Radio/Voice of Pujiang, 
Shanghai, China

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