Sunday, May 12, 2013

Amateur Radio Operator V85DX (Brunei)

Amateur Radio Operator V85DX (Salleh) in Bebiri, Brunei Darussalam was logged on 12 May 2013. His transmission was monitored from 18.10 to 18.37 UTC. He conversed with amateur radio operators in Romania, Russia, Italy, Canary Islands, Denmark, Germany and elsewhere. They were all received in Malaysia in various degrees of strength.  He identified himself several times as "Salleh... V85DX... V85 Data Brunei. Shortly after  18.30 UTC,  he mentioned it was "2.30 am in Brunei" and he would take only "five more" calls. Reception on 14.215 kHz SSB/USB was (SINPO) 55455 -- excellent signal strength.

To hear sound files of V85DX click HERE and HEREJorgen  (OZ7IF) in Them, Denmark is prominently heard in the first audio clip.

A reception report was emailed on the same day to V85DX and OZ7IF. Letters with SAE and (money to V85DX) was sent a few days later. A QSL card was finally received from V85DX on 2 September 2013 after many follow-up emails. Terima Kasih, Salleh!!!

QSL with SAE received from V85DX


  1. Hi Mr.Breyel i was listening to the audio clip of V85DX and heard also very loud DJ7ZZ from Germany!Great catch and i really enjoy reading and listening to your well organised blog!My compliments and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for the information, Henk. You are absolutely correct. Do you think DJ7ZZ would still QSL with this audio file? Best wishes and 73s!

    2. Yes he will QSL. Tnx for the soundfile. 73 from Germany Tom DJ7ZZ

  2. Thank you, Tom (DJ7ZZ). I look forward to receiving your QSL card. 73s.