Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amateur Radio Operator G0DBE (Liverpool, UK)

Amateur Radio Operator G0DBE  (Lee), transmitting from Litherland, Liverpool (UK), was logged on 28 May 2013. A "CQ DX over the North Pole" transmission was  monitored between 19.35 to 19.55 UTC. Reception on 14.258 kHz SSB/USB was (SINPO) 34343 -- fair signal strength, excellent clarity and steady modulation. G0DBE chatted up radio operators in the Bahamas, Japan and elsewhere. At one point, he spoke some Japanese to HAM in Japan. He mentioned operating near a beach overlooking the Irish Sea and talked about the wind. He also indicated he wanted to sign-off and "spend time with the YL".  

To assess the quality of reception assist, as heard in Malaysia,  listen  HERE.

Receiver used was a Tecsun S-2000 (Grundig Satellit 750). Antenna used was an elevated 13-meter external  1/4 wave aerial linked to 15 meters of shielded 50 ohm coaxial cable fed through an MFJ-956 antenna tuner.

A reception report was emailed the following day. A letter with SAE and postcard was mailed later in the month.

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