Sunday, May 19, 2013

PCJ Media (via Trincomalee)

PCJ Media, broadcasting from Taiwan in a test transmission relayed from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, was logged on 19 May 2013. An English language broadcast featuring Andy Sennitt's "Focus Asia Pacific" and Keith Perron hosting "The Happy Station was observed from 13.00  to 14.00 UTC. Andy Sennitt's "Focus Asia Pacific" featured reports on people smuggling of asylum seekers in Australia, anti-Muslim discrimination and violence in Myanmar and Indian short film "Sati" about violence against women in India. Keith Perron hosted "The Happy Station" and extended thanks  to Victor Goonetillike and staff at SLBC. Reception reports were requested for this test transmission to East and South East Asia. He talked about aerogrammes and the 80 year history of Radio Nederland's "The Happy Station". The Dutch College Swing Band performed a Tom Meyer era song,  "Line House Blues". The Hindi song  "Hare Rama, Hare Krishna" was performed by Asha Bhosle. More music included  "Aradhana"  by Kishore Kumar,  "Pop Goes The World" by Men Without Hats and a French language song. Keith talked about the Mustapha Shopping Plaza in (Little India) Singapore. Transmission closed with PCJ interval tune. Reception on 11.750 kHz was (SINPO) 55545 -- excellent signal strength and clarity despite minor transmitter flutter.

To  provide an idea of reception conditions in South East Asia, please listen to these sound files; (Andy Sennitt's "Focus Asia Pacific") HERE and (Keith Peron closing with Tom Meyer's "Happy Station Song") HERE.  

Reception report was emailed and posted the following day. For details of future test transmissions and addresses, please refer to my previous blog entry. The above eQSL was received on 28 May 2013. Keith Perron sent this QSL letter, together with unmarked Taiwanese postage stamps. It arrived in the mail on 12 June 2013.

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