Friday, May 3, 2013

Closure of Shortwave Service at Voice of Pujiang

I received this letter from Victor Qian, announcing the CLOSURE OF VOICE OF PUJIANG 
shortwave service later this year.

Dear radio friends of Voice of Pujiang,

As early as last year, the Director of China Business News Radio, of which Voice of Pujiang is a part, was considering terminating all of the shortwave service to save money and put more funds into developing new media, especially social media. This year we also see that we have developed smartphone application for both Android and iPhone. For iPhone users, the app can be installed here:

Now, I am authorized to announce that Voice of Pujiang will terminate our shortwave service this year. This decision was promoted by our director and approved by Shanghai Media Group and several upper authorities. For the exact date,  we don't know yet. It is a complicated bureaucratic procedure and the decision to rests in the hands of the telecom company and implemention by the transmitting site. The Zhenru transmitting site is a very historic one, which was built in the year 1930. The three transmitters were relocated and reorganized here in the 1980s. In my opinion, it will end as early as  this May and as late as before the beginning of B13 time.

As a DXer myself, actually, I am very much in favor with this decision. I deeply know that there is a 
shrinking and very limited audience on the shortwave. But I am still very  sad to see Voice of Pujiang join other stations who have said goodbye to shortwave. This is the tide of our era; we cannot resist it. 

Still, I am very much pleased to verify reception reports before the closure of shortwave service, issuing QSL letters both regular and electronic. The schedule is: 11.30 - 16.00 UTC on 3.280 kHz,  4.950 kHz and  5.075 kHz. Some monitors say the 5.075 will change to 9.705 in early May. Again, I don't even know because we have no contact with the transmitting site. It is totally their decision to change or not. For regular  reception reports, an IRC is needed to cover the international postage and the address is as follow:

Mr. Qian Xiaoyan
Voice of Pujiang
Floor 11,Radio Building
No.1376 Hongqiao Road
Changning District

Lastly, many thanks for your yearly support. For most BCLers and Dxers, I have to say goodbye to you, because I think you will be less likely to listen to our programs on smartphones.

Best wishes!
Victor Qian

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