Sunday, May 19, 2013

Radio Spaceshuttle International (Finland)

Radio Spaceshuttle International, a free radio station transmitting somewhere in Finland, was logged on 18 May 2013. A broadcast of techno and reggae music with frequent IDs and annoucements in English from "Dick Spacewalker" was heard from 16.55 to 17.55 UTC. At 17.21 UTC after emailing Dick Spacewaker about reception conditions in Malaysia, he mentioned my name and location over the air. Reception on 15.880 kHz in AM mode at 500 watts was (SINPO) 24322 -- weak, atmospheric noise and fading, yet clear and audible at times. Signal was slightly weaker after 17.45 UTC due to increased atmospheric noise and fading. After 18.00 UTC, reception was noticeably weaker and barely audible whne RSI switched to USB mode and perhaps less power.

A sound file begins with RSI station ID at 17.00 UTC, HERE.

A reception report was emailed shortly afterwards. On 21 May 2013 I received an email from Dick confirming this report and promising to send an eQSL. This eQSL, sans flag of Finland, was sent on 26 May 2013.



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