Saturday, October 27, 2012

WINB (Red Lion, Pennsylvania)

Radio Station WINB, transmitting from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA was logged on  27 October 2012. Christian religious programming was observed from 21.55 to 22. 55 UTC on 9.265 kHz. Reception (SINPO) at 21.55 UTC was 15321 -- initially a weak carrier was heard, then occasional audio was noted when signal peaked upward, otherwise reception was inaudible much of the time. Audio gradually improved around 22.20 UTC, allowing voices to be more clearly detected, but generally signal remained poor. As the grey line was ending (and sunrise approached) in Malaysia, signal disappeared entirely around 22.50 UTC.  

Reception report was emailed immediately afterwards and posted in subsequent days. A follow-up email to WINB Frequency Manager, Mr. Hans Johnson, yielded a prompt reply on 2 January 2012.  Unfortunately when I logged the station I did not make a recording. I learned later that an audio file  is crucial for Mr. Hans Johnson to consider issuing a QSL. In my follow-up report I mentioned this to him, and he rather curtly -- great PR for WINB I might add -- stated in so many words no QSL would be forthcoming unless an audio file accompanied the report. Therefore, take note, Mr. Hans Johnson is a stickler for "audio files", regardless of the quality of reception. 

Ironically, on 4 January 2012, I did receive a QSL card from WINB. It was signed by Mr. Fred W. Wise. I would assume he responded to my reception report I mailed to the station. Moral of story? For a QSL the old-fashioned way, submit your report by mail and address it to Mr. Fred W. Wise. A wise man, indeed!


Radio Station WINB
2900 Windsor Road
Red Lion, Pennsylvania 17356

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