Sunday, October 21, 2012

Broadcast Belgium - "The Disco Palace" (via Issoudun)

Broadcast Belgium  - "The Disco Palace", transmitting in DRM from Issoudun, France, was logged on 20 and 21 October 2012. Transmission time was from 15.30 to 16.30 UTC on 15.775 kHz. Reception (SINPO) was 55545. I observed a very clear and powerful signal using a large amount of bandwidth from 15.770 to 15.780 kHz. No audio was detected owing to a non-DRM receiver and / or decoder. Content of broadcast, as the name of the station would suggest, was presumably disco music from the late 70s and early 80s.

Although I have no actual content describing the track list played at The Disco Palace, I have submitted a reception report to indicate the signal strength of Broadcast Belgium from Issoudun in my quarter of the world. Whether they (The Disco Palace and Broadcast Belgium) wish to reply with a QSL is entirely their perorogative. Broadcast Belgium generally requires 2 IRCs or US$2 for a QSL card. Many a time I have submitted a report merely to indicate the quality of reception (without IRCs or money), not always expecting a reply, yet ultimately I receive a QSL card or eQSL.

It should be noted in some countries (Malaysia, for one) that IRCs are no longer available from their post offices; PayPal transactions (in Malaysia) were recently suspended preventing the purchase of IRCs elsewhere; and it is illegal (in Malaysia) to pass currency through the mail.and subject to theft.

In any event, reception reports sans IRCs and money have been posted. All email addresses to Broadcast Belgium and "The Disco Palace" have failed delivery. Online reports have failed to deliver as well. Their respective FaceBook pages seem to be the only way to message them; albeit, how successful this will be is anyone's guess. Therefore, an initial report will be submitted by post.

After I posted the above blog entry, it was reported the email address at Broadcast Belgium will be operational in November 2012. Apparently a spammer has temporarily caused them to shut down their email and on-line messaging. I certainly will try to email at a later date.

The Disco Palace
c/o Alyx & Yeyi, LLC
5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor
Miami, FL 33126

+1 (305) 572-8070

Email (Invalid and/or obsolete):

Broadcast Belgium
P.O. Box 1
2310 Rijkevorsel

Email Technical Manager:


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  1. TDP Radio cancelled on 31 July 2012. New name is "Broadcast Belgium". TDP seems to block since august all mail to TDP, although internet pages still exists. Try Broadcast Belgium, P. O. Box 1, 2310 Rijkevorsel Belgium, or or

    73, Ralf