Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Broadcating Corporation / Radio New Ireland

National Broadcasting Corporation / Radio New Ireland in Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea was logged on 12 and 13 October 2012. A broadcast of music and speaking in Tok Pisin was observed on 3.905 kHz. Reception (SINPO) at  11.10 UTC, on 12 October, was 24331 --  mostly carrier signal with faint audio. Reception (SINPO) at 10.50 to 11.55 UTC, on 13 October, continued with a weak carrier signal, but gradually with faint audio of a male announcer amidst fading and severe atmospheric noise. After 12.00 UTC, only a weak carrier signal was heard.

To listen to a sound file of Radio New Ireland as heard in South East Asia, click HERE. This recording was made at 11.25 UTC on 13 November 2012. Reception began to improve significantly by November. Signal was exceptional strong on 18 December 2012 from 19.15 to 19.50 UTC. A sample of music and DJ speaking in Tok Pisin may be heard HERE.

Reception report was emailed and posted.

National Broadcasting Corporation
Radio New Ireland
P.O. Box 477,
 Kavieng, New Ireland, 
 Papua New Guinea


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