Saturday, May 28, 2011

WRTH 2011 Review

Here's an indispensable book every DXer should have beside their rig. It's the World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) 2011. I've thumbed through this voluminous publication over the past month or so, and I have discovered this 'radio almanac' contains a wealth of broadcasting information, which while probably available on the Internet -- after much searching -- is readily available in this quick and easy-to-use reference. 

So, what's in the book? Quite a lot, actually. At over 600 pages, the WRTH is indexed in various categories and features articles about propagation, QSL cards, low-cost portable radios made in China and much more. Sections on Radio and TV stations around the world take up two-thirds of the book, and it is here the DXer will find it most helpful. 

I have flipped through the Medium Wave Radio section for Asia and quickly identified stations in my region of the world. Most broadcasters here are located in towns around Thailand and Indonesia.  Even if the Medium Wave band is of no interest to you, it identifies every known station in North and South America, Europe, Arfrica and Asia-Pacific. The station's call letters, transmitter size and broadcast times are all duly noted. 

The international short-wave broadcasters are listed in a similar manner. Again, it has been immensely helpful in quickly tracking down much-wanted information on any given station. In my case, it is usually the need to confirm postal and email addresses which, I might add, are generally 99% accurate. Along with this, it lists seasonal frequencies and times of all known short-wave stations, and again it is almost always correct. In this section, one will also discover a listing of reported clandestine stations, pirate stations, government-owned stations, time stations and religious-oriented stations. 

I heartily recommend the WRTH 2011 to anyone who has a serious interest in the DXing hobby. It certainly reduces the amount of time spent fishing around the internet, when one's time would probably be best enjoyed listening to the radio. I purchased my copy at; otherwise it can be obtained from WRTH on-line in PDF format or book.

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