Friday, May 20, 2011

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Palangka Raya -- Kalimantan, Indonesia

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Palangkaraya in Palangka Raya, Kalimantan, Republic of Indonesia was received on 21 May 2011 from 22.30 to 23.15 UTC  (normal broadcast time 21.30-01.00 UTC) on 3.325 kHz. Signal (SINPO): at 22.30 UTC  was fair with some fading and QRN to produce an overall signal rating of 35223; at 23.00 UTC  increased QRN degraded signal to 15111; by 23.15 UTC severe QRN overpowered signal and transmission was inaudible. Programme consisted of news, commentary and music in Indonesian.

A reception report was submitted by email in Bahasa Indonesia and English. An aerogramme was posted in Bahasa Indonesia. Hopefully RRI Palangka Raya will respond; I have had great difficulty in securing a QSL card from this country after many attempts, especially the Voice of Indonesia. QSL-letter receiver 1 July 2011. 


Radio Republik Indonesia 
(RRI Palangkaraya Pro-1)
Jalan M Husni Thamrin 1
Palangka Raya 73112
Kalimantan Tengah, 
Republic of Indonesia


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