Wednesday, May 25, 2011

China Radio International

China Radio International (CRI) posted this newsletter and these programme schedules to me a few days ago. I was immediately reminded of the time when major short-wave broadcasters would post these items on a regular basis. Once one had submitted a reception report to an international station, one was generally placed on their mailing list and subsequently received these informative updates for many years. I can recall very distinctly receiving, without fail,  newsletters and programme schedules from Radio Nederland, Deutsche Welle and Swiss Radio. The internet more or less, along with economic factors, ended this once rather common practice. The only other stations of recent note who send out their schedules to me regularly are Radio Budapest and the Voice of Turkey. Still, at my age, it is always refreshing to see certain things from one's past survive 'modernity'. Thank you CRI for letting me reminisce briefly on this little pleasantry from a bygone time.

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