Friday, May 13, 2011

Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Habana Cuba in Havana, Cuba was detected on 14 May 2011 from 23.56 to 00.45 UTC on 9.620 kHz. Interval signal and Spanish language programming was heard in the background of Radio Exterior de Espana. 

Signal (SINPO) was very weak and overpowered by Radio Exterior de Espana  to produce an overall rating of 11251. By 00.45 UTC signal was lost in QRN.

Although transmission was not intended for South East Asia, this is the second Latin American station I have received in the past few months. The first was Radio Nacional da Amazonia in Brazil.

Despite limited programme content to note, a reception report was submitted to Radio Habana Cuba's on-line email address. Whether this is sufficient to merit a QSL card remains to be seen. 

Rosario Lafita Fernández, J'Dpto. de Correspondencia Internacional, Radio Habana Cuba sent the following email to me: "Las disculpas por la demora en atender su valioso informe de recepción, el cual verificamos con la correspondiente tarjeta QSL. Sea cordialmente bienvenido a la gran familia internacional de Radio Habana Cuba." If my Spanish is correct, a QSL card should be on the way.

QSL card, 45th and 50th anniversary bookmarks and a Fidel Castro pocket calendar arrived. I'm flabbergasted; I heard only Radio Habana Cuba's interval signal under poor conditions, I received a verification. Muchas gracias, RHC!