Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Radio Mediterranee Internationale - Morocco

Radio Mediterranee Internationale in Tangier, Morocco was received on 3 May 2011. This station broadcasts around-the-clock daily, but was monitored from 20.15 to 22.15 UTC. It was heard on 9.575 KHz

Signal (SINPO) at 20.15 UTC was 24322 with fair reception, some fading and slight interference; at 21.00 UTC signal degraded to 13322 with weaker reception and more QRN; after 22.15 UTC signal  was too weak to be heard. 

Programming in Arabic and French entailed mostly Arabic music, light contemporary pop music, news and commentary. 

Reception report was sent by post and email. QSL card is pending.

Radio Mediterranee Internationale
3 / 5 Rue M'Sallah 
90000 Tanger
Kingdom of Morocco



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