Friday, August 5, 2016

Voice of Indonesia (die Stimme Indonesiens)

Voice of Indonesia (die Stimme Indonesiens) in Jakarta was logged on 5 July 2016. Their hour long German language service, from 18.00 till 19.00 UTC, consisted of news, in-depth reports about Indonesia and cultural programes "Indonesische Wonder" and "Indonesische Musik". Reception on 9.525/9.526 kHz was (SINPO) 54444 -- strong and clear signal (given my close proximity - Malaysia), but terrible transmitter hum, slight fade and atmospheric noise. The transmitter noise seems to be an ongoing problem, so bad that audio is nearly at the same decibel level as the TXer on some days.

Reception report was submitted in German, both online and email. To date I have submitted at least four reception reports and only one QSL card has been issued. The German Service appears to be one of the more reliable departments when requesting a QSL. Finally a QSL card, but one card for three reception reports -- separate dates -- arrived in the mail on 3 October 2016.



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