Tuesday, August 30, 2016

All India Radio Gangtok

All India Radio Gangtok (Akashvani Gangtok), transmitting from Sikkim, was logged on 30 August 2016. I was fortunate to catch this transmission, owing that VL8A in Alice Springs, Australia, (which shares the same frequency as AIR Gangtok) was switched off, possibly for maintenance. who knows? In any event, this rare occasion allowed for a selection of Indian subcontinent music and news to be heard between 13.40 UTC up until sign-off at 16.00 UTC.

Reception on 4.835 kHz was sadly less than ideal, but still audible despite a weak signal, whiny (10 kW) transmitter and occasional fading under scratchy atmospheric noise. SINPO of 24322 remained unchanged till sign-off.

Reception report was emailed and posted with audio files to AIR Gangtok and Spectrum Management & Synergy on the following day.QSL card arrived on 23 January 2017.

Photo by A. Anvar, Asst. Eng, Doordarshan Kendra Gangtok, Sikkim


All India Radio Gangtok
Old MLA Hostel
Gangtok 737101
East Sikkim District
Sikkim, India

Spectrum Management & Synergy,
Directorate General, Room No. 204,
All India Radio,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi 110001, India

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