Monday, February 2, 2015

PBS Hunan (via Xiangtan)

People's Broadcasting Station Hunan, transmitting from Xiangtan (Changsha), China, was logged on 2 February 2015. A Chinese language broadcadt with station IDs, news and current event reports, as well as promotions/public setvice announcements (?) were observed from 23.00 till 23.30 UTC.

Reception on 4.990 kHz at 23.00 UTC was (SINPO) 34333 -- fair signal strength, faint CW (presumably utility) interference and slight atmospheric noise. Despite these conditions transmission was clear and audible. Signal weakened to 24322 after 23.15 UTC due to increased fading and atmospheric noise. By 23.20 UTC signal was not present as grey-line between Xiangtan and Malaysia had passed. By 23.25 signal was barely audible, athough carrier was noticeable up until 23.30 UTC.

Reception report was emailed to China Radio International, c/o Ying Lian, on 2 February 2015. Ying Lian, English Service, China Radio International, repled a few hours later confirming reception report: "Thank you for your greetings and reception report of PBS Hunan programme.We will send you a QSL card. We hope you will keep in touch and listen to our English programme when it is convenient  for you". QSL card arrived in the mail with paper cuttings for Year of the Ram on 24 February 2015.

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