Friday, February 6, 2015

All India Radio - Port Blair

All India Radio - Port Blair, transmitting from their 10kW facility on the Adaman & Nicobar Islands, was logged on 6 February 2015. A Hindi language broadcast of Bollywood love duets, an advertisement intended for families, news, commentary and station ID was monitored from 12.00  till 12.50 UTC (05.30 pm till 06.20 pm Adaman & Nicobar time). 

Reception on 4.760 kHz at 12.00 UTC was (SINPO) 34343 -- clear and audible signal, despite some atmospheric noise. Signal was detected as early as 11.45 UTC. Signal improved after 13.00 UTC as grey-line increased between central Malaysia and Adaman & Nicobar Islands.

Audio samples of this transmission follow:
CLIP # 1  at 12.15 UTC / 05.45 pm (Music with female announcer)
CLIP # 2  at 12.30 UTC / 06.00 pm (Station ID and news presented by female announcer)

Reception report was emailed to AIR chief engineer and Spectrum Management on 7 February 2015. Since 2012, all previous attempts to QSL have failed. FINALLY!!! After over three years of trying to QSL AIR Port Blair I succeeded; on 1 April 2015 (no April Fool's Joke) Spectrum Management sent a verification card. THANK YOU!!!


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