Sunday, October 19, 2014

European Music Radio

European Music Radio* via MVBR in Goehren, Germany was logged on 19 October 2014. Station IDs with a lot of DJ chatter between 12 vocal pop/rock songs, including Journey - "Don't Stop Believing" was monitored from 07.00 to 08.00 UTC. Reception on 7.265 kHz was not under the best of conditions. SINPO was 15231 -- very weak signal, audio present but indeciferable content for much of the broadcast; reception was possible only in USB mode and only "European Music Radio" IDs, DJ chatting and songs were heard, but clarity was just not there -- too weak and too much atmospheric noise. Reception remained weak throughout this one-hour transmission. Reception did not improve on 9.485 kHz either when broadcast was relayed from 08.00 to 09.00 UTC.

Reception report was emailed on same day. Tom at EMR promised to send a QSL a few hours after submitting the report. This eQSL was received the following day, 20 October 2014. Thank you very much, Tom.


*Logged using remote SDR receiver at University of Twente, the Netherlands.

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