Monday, September 29, 2014

Radio Monique

Radio Monique*, transmitting somewhere from "the North Sea" (the Netherlands), was logged on 29 September 2014. Music by Nena and Simple Minds, Scorpions - "Wind of Change", REM - " End of the World", reggae tune "I Need Your Love", old Dutch tune, Rod Stewart - "Reason to Believe", "Suspicious Minds" and frequent station IDs "Radio Monique... Shortwave...from the North Sea" was heard from 19.10 to 19.50 UTC. Reception on 6.300 kHz was (SINPO)34323 -- fair signal strength with fading and atmospheric noise, but clear and audible at times; reception worsened at 19.43 UTC onward to 23211 - long fades and very noisy between peaks of audio.

Reception report was emailed on 29 September 2014 and followed up on the following day. On 30 September 2014, Radio Monique replied with an eQSL and message, stating: "Thanks for the mail. You did listen to radio Monique, we confirm that! Great you enjoyed the transmission!  Please be a free member as listener or station of "


*Logged using remote SDR receiver at University of Twente, the Netherlands.

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