Sunday, June 29, 2014

International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) Cuts Broadcasts

Voice of America is expected to reduce their short-wave transmissions after 30 June 2014. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty and Radio Free Asia  broadcasts will be affected as well.

"All short-wave frequencies will be eliminated for Voice of America English radio broadcasts to Asia, VOA English teaching programs, and VOA programs to Bangladesh," according to BBG Watch.

We have the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), who operates radio transmissions for Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), to thank for this development. Apparently VOA, RFA and RFE/RL were caught off guard a few days before the announcement, which reflects the utter contempt and ignorance of  the IBB.

Source: BBG Watch
On 29 June 2014, Keith Perron of PCJ Radio International broadcast a Voice of America newscast satirizing the recent and sudden closure. It included an interview with an apparatchik from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and a lengthy comment, albeit uncertain David Ensor, Director of the Voice of America. This was followed with comments from a well known voice and WWII adversary. Well, it's better Keith Perron made the announcement since VOA and affiliates could not deliver the message. Up next Radio Free Voice of America. Keep your radios tuned listeners.

In case you missed this PCJ Radio International broadcast, the VOA spoof may be heard HERE. Enjoy!!!

 Source: Keith Perron at PCJ Media.

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