Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Radio Pio XII (via Siglo Veinte, Bolivia)

Radio Pio XII, transmitting from Siglo Veinte, Bolivia, was logged on 4 June 2014. A Spanish language broadcast of lively Catholic religious talk and news events was heard from 10.50 to 11.15 UTC. Reception was poor overall on 5.952 kHz at 10.50 UTC with a (SINP0) of 23321 -- faint audio detected under heterdyning and fading. Slightly stronger audio grew as grey-line approached. Audio began to drop off at 11.15 UTC, although heterodyning was still present. As grey-line between Bolivia and Malaysia ended, so too did their signal. I am certain this was Radio Pio XII, owing to time when the station was received, their frequency, format content and Spanish language.

HERE's an idea of the quality of reception in Malaysia. 

Reception report was mailed after email addresses bounced.

Postal address:
Radio Pío XII (Estación Central)
Casilla 434,
Oruro, Bolivia

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