Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Addendum to PBS Gannan

Successful PPC QSL of PBS Gannan
Shortly after posting my blog entry on PBS Gannan, István Hegedüs -- a fellow DXer in Hungary -- emailed to inform he had recently obtained a QSL directly from PBS Gannan in Hezuo, Gansu Province, PRC. However, it was not without some trepidation, given past experience. His previous attempt to contact PBS Sichuan by registered mail with CD audio file, reception report and PPC QSL failed and he was able to track it to a certain point, but it was eventually lost in the postal/bureaucratic maze of China. 

Not to be deterred, he posted a letter with PPC QSL to PSB Gannan. After 64 days it was returned to him. István wrote,  "In the envelope there was nothing but my QSL card. I was very content to receive this new, rare and precious radio trophy from China. You can see in the outer ring of the stamp the name of the station with Tibetan characters, while the Chinese characters are in the inner ring."

His story is not unlike the one I experienced in acquiring a QSL from China Tibet Broadcasting after many failed attempts. To see my account of this incident, click HERE and see the final reward HERE.

Envelope with returned QSL
DXers wishing to QSL directly from PBS Gannan, or for that matter most Chinese stations, may want to create a PPC QSL. The envelope should be addressed in Chinese and Roman script. Cover letter and reception report may be in Chinese, as not all station managers/engineers read or speak English. Keep your English simple and upload it to Google translator, then copy and paste the translated text onto your letterhead.

I would suggest reading the article "How to Identify Chinese Radio Stations" by Mika Mäkeläinen. It might be useful. His website, DXing Info, is also filled with a variety of DXing tips.

Should one be fortunate to receive PBS Gannan on short-wave, use the following address:

To the attention of the DIRECTOR of
GANNAN People’s Broadcasting Station
甘南藏族自治州人民广播电台 - 广播处长
邮政编码:747000 HEZUO / GANSU Province
People’s Republic of  CHINA

 Thank you for sharing this information, István. Happy DXing!!!

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