Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BBC World Service - British Antarctic Survey Broadcast

BBC World Service - British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Annual Broadcast to BAS staff in Antarctica on midwinter's day will be 21 June 2014, 21.30 to 22.00 UTC. This date marks the longest, darkest day in the Antarctic, during which the BBC will play music requests and send special messages to the BAS team.

The British Antarctic Survey is the UK’s national Antarctic operator, and has for the past 60 years been responsible for most of the UK’s scientific research in the Antarctica. Based in Cambridge, UK, BAS operates four research stations throughout the year in the Antarctic, including Bird Island, South Georgia; King Edward Point, Cumberland Bay, South Georgia; Rothera, Adelaide Island; and Halley, Coats Land.

A "test transmission' for the impending British Antarctic Survey (BAS) broadcast occurred from 21.30 to 22.45 UTC on 18 June 2014.

Reception in Malaysia for the following test frequencies (and possible 21 June broadcast) was:
9.890 kHz // SINPO 25331 - weak signal, barely audible (TXer site: Woofferton, UK) UPDATE: This frequency will NOT be used.
7.350 kHz // no signal detected; too much QRM from firedrake (TXer site: Ascension Island)
5.875 kHz // SINPO 25442 - weak signal with atmospheric noise, but audible and best heard in LSB mode. (TXer site: Woofferton, UK)
5.985 kHz // SINPO 34443- fair signal strength, noisy with atmospheric noise, heterodyning at  21.40 UTC. Best received in LSB mode to mute noise. (TXer site: Dhabbaya, UAE)

Content of test transmission in English led off with BBC News presented by a female announcer, then into a few "Outlook" episodes on an actor and Venezuela. Transmission on 5.985 kHz ended abruptly, followed by dead air, then BBC ID twice and sign-off at 21.47 UTC.

Not certain whether BBC will confirm with QSL. I seriously doubt it, owning to their current QSL policy. Still, it should make an interesting DX catch! Surprisingly on 28 June 2014, I received an eQSL for this "Test Transmission" from veri-signer Mr. Dave Porter, (Retired) Senior Transmitter Engineer, Woofferton 1982-2012.

Check out the VIDEO PRESENTATION of Woofferton presented by Mr. Dave Porter.

For more information about British Antarctic Survey follow this LINK.

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