Sunday, September 2, 2012

Radio Hargeisa (Voice of Somaliland)

Radio Hargeisa (Voice of Republic of Somaliland), presumedly transmitting from  Hargeisa, Somaliland was heard in a test transmission on 31 August 2012. Music from the Horn of Africa in the Somali language was monitored from 18.15 to 18.30 UTC. This transmission was observed on 7.120 kHz Reception (SINPO) was 35433 -- fair signal strength, but over-modulated at times, otherwise a clear and audible signal was noted.

A sound file of this transmission may be heard HERE.
Reception report was submitted on the same day with subsequent follow-up emails, but I seriously doubt it will be acknowledged. Surprise! Surprise! I received this email stating "QSL" from Radio Hargeisa on 15 September 2012. The QSL card was obtained from Radio Hargeisa Consultant, Mr. Baldur Drobnica, on 28 December 2012.

Self-made QSL based on an email
confirming my Reception Report

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