Sunday, September 2, 2012

Amateur radio operator 9V1YC (Singapore)

Amateur radio operator 9V1YC in Singapore was logged on 1 September 2012. He was heard from 17.55 to 18.00 UTC,  mentioning his call letters and the call letters of many other amateurs during the transmission, e.g:  "9 Victor 1 Yankee Charlie (9V1YC)...Bravo Delta 4 Whisky Norway (BD4WN)......Delta Charlie Kilowatt (DCK__ 5946)...Japan America 1 Charlie Kilo (JA1CK)...Zulu Lima 1 (ZL1__)...Canada Zulu 4 (CZ4 5946)." His transmission was on the frequency of  7.135 kHz (SSB). Reception (SINPO) was 55444 -- good signal strength with slight fading.

A sound file of this transmission may be heard HERE.

A reception report was emailed to 9V1YC on the following day. Unfortunately, 9V1YC (James A. Brook) has not replied. James, if you see and hear this blog entry, I would greatly appreciate adding your QSL to my collection. How about it?

I followed up by emailing 9V1YC's proxy QSL administrator (W5UE) who acknowledged the reception report and willingness to send a QSL. Unfortunately, an actual QSL card is impossible to obtain for these reasons: (1) it is illegal to send cash/bank draft in the mail as well as a risk to postal theft; (2) IRCs are no longer available from Pos Malaysia; and (3) PayPal is no longer viable for Malaysian credit card holders, so this prevents use of W5UE's services and possibility of obtaining IRCs from postal authorities overseas. I suppose I will have to settle with this email (indirect QSL) since neither 9V1YC nor W5UE will compromise their position. I wish you gentleman could be more flexible; every QSL posted on this blog was obtain without IRCs or money.

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  1. Aplly for an SWL callsign and then use the QSL bureau of your country! Print your SWL cards and send them to radio amateurs in order to confirm their QSOs and receive their QSL card. When you report an amateur radio contact in SSB, you should use the RS reporting system: R = overall listening experience, while S= the signal from the S-meter. 59 is the best signal, meanwhile 11 is the worst, if readable at all.